We believe in the power
of honest feedback.

Strengthen your presentation skills
with our online coaching tool


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Get to know what your audience really thinks

TorchMetrics is a system which gives you
honest feedback from your audience and converts
the information into actionable coaching

The TorchMetrics “feedback” and “feedforward” system for continued improvement

Real-time feedback from your audience

Targeted action plans to help you improve

Charts and graphs track progress

How It Works

TorchMetrics shines the light on the fact
that you are a better presenter than you know

Increase your personal

  • Break through personal obstacles
  • Validate your strengths
  • See a clear path for growth
  • Influence & persuade others
  • Get reality-based feedback

Advance your career

  • Effectively communicate your work
  • Make a difference
  • Increase your pay & 'move up'
  • Influence decision-making
  • Be prepared for job interviews
  • Know how to communicate 'up' to senior management

“TorchMetrics is a fantastic presentation survey and coaching system. This will be one of my ongoing executive improvement tools!”

Tad Jankowski, Executive Vice President, National Amusements Inc.

“I gave a presentation after attending your Get to the Message Workshop using the TorchMetrics survey questions. A representative from the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center asked me, ‘Do you have a passport?" When I said yes, he asked, "Can you work with me overseas on training with wildland fire agencies in Europe?’ This led to international work and a new career. I have you to thank for that”

Bob Bale, President, Wildland Restoration International.

“TorchMetrics alerted me to growth areas I didn't even know I had. Now I'm really engaging my audiences!”

Jen Sherck Director of Development & Strategy, Year Up