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“Without strong, directed feedback, improving as a presenter can be an uphill battle - if not downright impossible. ”

Claudyne Wilder, Founder of TorchMetrics & Executive Speaking Coach

Why TorchMetrics?

Claudyne Wilder is the Founder of Wilder Presentations, a boutique presentation firm. For over 20 years her company has offered presentation workshops and consulting services to executives, entrepreneurs, managers and educators in market-leading companies of every size—from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firms to community-based non-profits. Having extensively studied Argentine Tango for over 15 years, Claudyne emphasizes the concept of “connection” to help her clients more passionately engage with their audience.

Wilder’s Get to the Message Presentation Workshops have been using a paper form of TorchMetrics for the past 15 years. Over 90 percent of the people attending the workshops consider these pre-work surveys to be a valuable resource. One frequent comment has been, “I wish someone had given me this feedback many years ago.” So Claudyne decided to create an online presentation feedback and coaching system so that millions of people who give presentations have a turnkey solution for getting the actionable information they need to take their presentations—and career—to the next level.

Claudyne has long been an innovator in the presentation world. She was the first in the field to write a book about laptop presenting. She co-conducted one of the first user surveys on PowerPoint productivity. She was co-creator of a one-of-a-kind PowerPoint product called: Presentations in a Hurry! 26 Formats That Persuade, a series of 26 professionally designed presentation scenarios that help professionals create more concise and audience-focused PowerPoint presentations.

Claudyne also co-conducted one of the first user surveys on PowerPoint productivity. Her unique Get to the Message Workshop includes rigorous instructor coaching and peer critique, personalized action plans for every participant, the opportunity to redo PowerPoint slides using professional slides formatted to the company brand, and six to seven mini-presentation takeaways.

Now there’s TorchMetrics online—another innovative product imagined and developed with Claudyne’s vision and coaching experience. She is delighted that, after four years in development, TorchMetrics is available to all presenters whether they attend a workshop or not. The feedback and follow-up tools presenters receive will lead to actionable steps for presentation improvement and career success.

Why the name TorchMetrics?


The torch is a powerful symbol for leadership, perseverance and excellence. It is also a useful tool that can illuminate one’s path, making visible what could not be seen without the light.


The customized metrics in TorchMetrics provide an objective and accessible framework to measure performance which can lead to targeted improvement, advancement and attainment of one’s goals.

What is the history of TorchMetrics?

A paper form of TorchMetrics has been used for over 15 years in Claudyne Wilder’s Get to the Message Presentation Workshops. Workshop participants have made these comments.

“I wish someone had given me this feedback years ago.”
“So this is why my career is not advancing.”
“If only I knew this before the board meeting last week.”
“I thought I had a problem with being concise, but my problem is I say ‘um’ all the time.”

Over 90 percent of the people attainment Claudyne's workshop has used their pre-work questionnaires as a valuable resource. They learned information they could not get elsewhere.

Why not just go to a presentation class?

You need more than a presentation training event. We know that people improve with consistent, specific feedback. Maximize your investment in presentation coaching and classes with TorchMetrics. What does the presenter do after attending a class? How can a presenter continue to get really useful feedback? How can the presenter really know if he or she has changed after the class and is delivering persuasive presentations? With TorchMetrics lighting the way, YOU can be sure.


1. How many survey takers can I have fill out the suvery?

As many as you desire!

2. Can I find out who filled out the survey?

When you click on the arrow next to “Individual Survey Taker’s Feedback” you can see if anyone put in his or her name.

3. What is the difference between a specific presentation and overall presentation skills?

Specific presentation is a survey for one presentation you gave. This is used when you want feedback from an audience about a specific presentation. Overall presentation skills is general feedback your boss or colleagues can fill out to give you a general sense on how they see you as a presenter. This can be very useful as most people find it hard to give feedback but can easily check boxes on a survey.

4. Why have you organized the questions by “develop audience-oriented content;” “design message-focused slides;” and “deliver persuasively with confidence?”

For over twenty years this process has been taught by the survey creator, Claudyne Wilder. It is a clear, organized way to analyze what part of the presentation process works well for a presenter and what part needs guidance.

5. What are you doing with the results of all the surveys?

We store them so that you can track your progress over time.

6. Why would I want a coach if I had TorchMetrics?

You may be able to carry out the coaching actions suggested on your own. If you work well following your own expectations then you may make excellent progress using the coaching action steps. Some people work the best when they have another person who keeps them on target to reach their goals. If you need an external source to hold you accountable then you may want a coach to help you work through the action step recommendations. And of course, to add his or her own recommendations based on your personal interactions.

7. If my company uses the survey, will someone in the company be able to see my specific survey?

No, the company can only see the results of a group of people but not individuals.

8. What if I want to add my own question?

You will be able to do this on one of the next releases.