Change the way your organization evaluates and coaches presenters

ORGANIZATIONS Change the way your organization
evaluates and coaches presenters

Use the TorchMetrics feedback system to drive self-learning, empowerment and talent mobility

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TorchMetrics enables continuous growth Every presenter receives feedback and recommended actions to take

Real-time feedback on presentations

Real-time feedback on presentations

Action plans provide positive, specific advice

Action plans provide positive, specific advice

Metrics track progress over time

Metrics track progress over time

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Experienced Presentation Training

TorchMetrics is the culmination of more than 20 years
of Claudyne Wilder's presentation coaching and training
with Fortune 100 and 500 companies

“Claudyne Wilder is a dynamic presentation consultant who helped transform our team. With Claudyne's insightful suggestions we transformed the content and design of our slides! With her individualized coaching we all enhanced our executive presence behaviors."

- Claudy Mellon, Fresenius Medical Care

TorchMetrics solves these 6 organizational “jobs” to be done

  • 1

    Engages employees
    with action-oriented feedback

    Research by workboard image Research by Workboard
  • 2

    Increases the talent pool

    “The days of ‘stacked ranking’ are slowly going away ...
    to be replaced by a focus on engaging people
    and helping them perform at extraordinary levels.”
    - Forbes Leadership by Josh Bersin

  • 3

    Creates upward mobility

    "None of these methods (of presentation practicing) will be
    effective if you do not ensure a proper feedback process...where
    you actually get to see or hear your audience's response...lf you
    really want to move up on the corporate ladder this is an
    essential skill you must strive to perfect."
    - Shweta Khare, Forbes

  • 4

    Gives managers a
    presentations coaching tool

    Managers cannot be experts in everything.
    Managers can coach using the TorchMetrics action steps.

  • 5

    Reduces manager bias

    Research shows that 61% of a "rating" is based on the bias of the boss
    (not actual employee performance).

  • 6

    Increases presentation productivity

    Increases a presenter's efficiency when creating and preparing for a presentation.

Organizational Benefits

Organizational Benefits
with TorchMetrics Dashboard

  • See best practice results for a team,
    department, or whole company
  • Compare results over time
  • Pinpoint certain areas for culture
    change or training
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