Revolutionize your organization’s
presentation effectiveness

Ensure clear and concise communication –
internally and externally

TorchMetrics facilitates presentation success

An innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with 360 feedback. Its unique feedback system focuses on improvements in a targeted and productive way, highlighting strengths and providing action plans for areas needing improvement.

Powered by 25+ years of presentation training with executives from Fortune 500 companies to global non-profits

TorchMetrics for the organization

+ Compare presentation results among the various departments

+ Monitor the whole organization’s presentation results

+ Track and analyze group and company involvement

+ Discover key opportunities for culture change or training

Benefits for the Organization

1 - Improves employee effectiveness in influencing and persuading audiences

2 - Encourages employee presentation talent effectiveness and productivity

3 - Transforms your presentation training to an ongoing process, not an

4 - Gives managers a coaching tool to train their team on presentationsss

5 - Provides honest and targeted feedback from your external clients

How It Works for Presenters

Create a company-wide account divided into groups. Send chosen presenters a link to sign up.

  • List steps image 1 Choose Response Survey
  • List steps image 2 Send
  • List steps image 3 People Take Response Survey
  • List steps image 4 See
  • List steps image 5 Select Action Steps
  • List steps image 6 Track Progress w/ Dashboards

Organization sees group metrics and tracks group results and progress.