Add TorchMetrics to
your coaching toolkit

Provide your client with audience feedback
and a progress tracking system

What is TorchMetrics?

A new online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. This unique feedback system focuses on the effectiveness of the presenter’s content, slides, and delivery.

Powered by 25+ years of research, best practices, and executive coaching experience

“TorchMetrics allowed me to more accurately coach my client. He loved seeing the metrics show how he improved.”

- Marjorie Singer, Coach

Benefits to the Client

+ Improves self-confidence and self-awareness in speaking

+ Provides honest yet easy-to-receive 360 feedback

+ Increases ability to persuade and influence an audience

+ Motivates by tracking ongoing progress

Benefits to the Coach

+ Increases value of any execu- tive coaching package

+ Motivates clients to monitor their own progress

+ Strengthens involvement of the coach with the client

Those who receive and act on feedback - ADVANCE

  • List steps image 1 Client Chooses Response Survey
  • List steps image 2 Client Sends Link to Audience
  • List steps image 3 Audience Takes Response Survey
  • List steps image 4 Coach & Client Identify Metrics
  • List steps image 5 Coach & Client Review Action Steps
  • List steps image 6 Both Track Progress with Dashboards