• Is it a mobile app one downloads or do people access it through the browser? The app is accessed through a browser. Nothing has to be downloaded. You can access the app on a phone, iPad or computer.
  • What is a Free Trial good for? You have the opportunity to use TorchMetrics one time to send out as many surveys as you want.
  • Can I have as many people as I want fill out the survey? Yes you can.
  • Can I find out who filled out the survey? Maybe. The survey is anonymous unless the survey taker writes in his or her name at the end of the survey. When you click on the arrow next to “View individual feedback” you can see if anyone put in his or her name. Then you can see separately this individual’s ratings.
  • What are you doing with the results of all the surveys? We store them so that you can track your progress over time.
  • What is the difference between a specific presentation and an overall feedback? Specific presentation is a survey for one specific presentation you gave or will be giving. This is used when you want feedback only on one presentation.

    Overall feedback is general feedback your boss or colleagues can fill out to give you a general sense on how they see you as a presenter. This can be very useful as most people find it hard to give feedback but can fairly easily check boxes on a survey.

  • Why would I want a coach if I had TorchMetrics? You may be able to carry out the coaching actions suggested on your own. Some people work the best when they have someone who keeps them on target to reach their goals. If you work well following your own expectations then you may do fine with the coaching sheets. If you need an external source to hold you accountable then you may want a coach. You and your coach can discuss the action steps suggested by TorchMetrics.
  • If my company uses the survey, will someone in the company be able to see my specific survey? No, the company can track a group of people as one group but not individuals.
  • What if I want to add my own question? You will be able to do this in one of the next releases.
  • Why have you organized the questions by develop audience interest content, design message-focused slides and deliver persuasively with confidence? This process has been taught by the survey creator, Claudyne Wilder, for over twenty years. It is a clear, organized way to analyze what part of the presentation process works well for a presenter and what part needs guidance.
  • Do you have a Single Sign On Capability? Everyone signs up and creates his or her own password. Names and passwords area encrypted.
  • Does your company sell the data? We do not sell the data, nor emails to any third parties.
  • How does this work for a company? First, the company decides how many people the company will sign up and for what amount of time. Second, the company identifies a company administrator. Third, the company pays with a credit card.

    Company administrator: The company administrator creates groups (for example, Marketing Group, Conference Group, Workshop Group). The company administrator assigns group administrators.
    Group administrator: The group administrator sends out the invitations to presenters to sign up and send out surveys.

    Who sees the results?
    The names of the presenters with their individual results are not available to be seen by anyone but the presenter on his or her dashboard.

    Presenters see their own results on their own personal dashboard. They can track their improvement over time, click on action steps to learn how to improve and check out the additional resources listed in TorchMetrics.

    Group administrators can see the compiled results for the group of which he or she is the administrator.

    Company administrators can see the complied results of all the groups. They can also see comparisons between groups as well as group improvements over time.