Transform your obstacles
into actions for success

This presentation feedback system
tracks your progress with dashboards

How It Works for Presenters

  • List steps image 1 Choose
    Response Survey
  • List steps image 2 Send
  • List steps image 3 People Take
    Response Survey
  • List steps image 4 See
  • List steps image 5 Select
    Action Steps
  • List steps image 6 Track Progress
    w/ Dashboards

6 Steps in the TorchMetrics System

  • Choose Response Survey

    Slide image 1

    Offers "2" Real-Time Feedback Response Surveys

    1. Specific response survey is for an audience
      who has just heard your
    2. Overall presentation skills response survey is
      for managers and colleagues to share their perceptions of your
      behaviors as a presenter.
  • Send Link

    Slide image 2 new

    Link is very short so you can put it on
    a PowerPoint slide.

  • People Take Response Survey

    Slide image 3

    +Anonymous unless person writes in name
    +15 to 28 questions - you choose length
    +Place for comments
    +Easy and fun to use
    +Takes 1-4 minutes

  • See Metrics

    Slide image 4

    Modern multi-colored charts allow you to immediately see
    the results. Over time, you will be able to watch your progress
    and report to your manager or coach.

    +Reality check that builds your confidence with “real” feedback
    +Guides you to the skills and behaviors you want to enhance
    +Clear and simple to use

  • Select Action Steps

    Slide image 5

    Powerful specific action steps are linked to every question.
    Immediately you receive “feedforward”on ways to improve.
    No time to be discouraged!

    +Checklists and work sheets
    +1-15 minute exercises
    +PDF downloads

  • Track Progress with Dashboards

    Slide image 6

    +See how you are trending on each question.
    +See your overall improvement metrics.
    +Celebrate your successes!

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TorchMetrics Resources Help You Advance

Quickly find solutions for
ensuring your presentation success!

Once you are a part of the TorchMetrics community,
you will have access to look up over 100 resource opportunities
to grow your abilities in presenting.

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Treat yourself as an athlete and stay in the race

You as a presenter are like an athlete who to stay in the race
needs a coach to give continuous honest feedback with actionable next steps.
TorchMetrics provides the continual sharpening of your presentation skills.

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