An effective presentation
can advance one’s career,
make the sale, change the world

However until TorchMetrics,
there was no easy way for a presenter
to know if their presentation hit the mark.

What is TorchMetrics?

TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides
presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths
and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. Effectively it is your
own personal speaking coach in the palm of your hand.

Successful presentations are pivotal for achieving business goals.

Effective presentation skills are vital for career advancement.

Light the way to your success with TorchMetrics.

What TorchMetrics does

Tabulates your audience’s feedback
Guides you to actionable next steps
Gives proactive, targeted coaching
Tracks your improvement over time


Seventy percent of people agree that increasing your speaking skills will help you advance your career, according to Forbes.


Fifty percent is the amount that you can increase your lifetime earning potential by knowing how to communicate effectively, according to Warren Buffett.

TorchMetrics Eliminates the Three Obstacles to a Presenter’s Success


Lack of specific, useful feedback.

Responses like “Great job” or “Be more confident” hardly point the way to success. TorchMetrics uses specific questions so you know what behaviors need improvement.


Not knowing how to fix a problem

You know you have a problem. You don’t know what to do about it. Each and every TorchMetrics response includes action steps for improvement.


Not getting presentation training or coaching

TorchMetrics is your own personal coach in the palm of your hand. It provides a self-directed, affordable feedback system that highlights problems and offers action steps.

The TorchMetrics Story

As an experienced coach, author and public speaker, Claudyne Wilder has been consult- ing to leaders of Fortune 500 companies individually and through her Get to the Message workshops.

Prior to each workshop, participants used to use paper surveys to get 360 presentation feedback. Participants appreciated knowing the information from the surveys. They regularly said: “Finally, I know how to get promoted to the next position.” “How come


Claudyne Wilder,
founder of TorchMetrics

no one told me this in the last 5 years?” “I wish I knew this feedback before my board presen- tation last week.” Testimonials like these sparked the idea for creating an online feed- back system which became TorchMetrics.

This innovative tool is available to presenters world-wide so they can access productive feedback in real-work situations. Now millions of peoplewhogivepresentations canuseTorch- Metrics to have a turnkey solution for getting the actionable information they need and be guided to next steps in order to improve their presenta- tions and advance their careers.


TorchMetrics’ Presentation Coaching Strategy

Presenters receive proven, targeted coaching based on the results of their feedback.

Did you know?

TorchMetrics can also be used to get overall 360 feedback on your presentation skills, not just targeted to a specific presentation.

How It Works for Presenters

  • List steps image 1 Choose
    Response Survey

    Choose from a 1-2 minute or 2-3 minute survey, depending on audience
  • List steps image 2 Send

    Choose between adding short link in your slides or send through TorchMetrics
  • List steps image 3 People Take
    Response Survey

    Anonymous unless survey taker decides
    Targeted questions based on best practices
    Easy and fun to use
  • List steps image 4 See

    Multi-colored charts make results easy-to-understand
  • List steps image 5 Select
    Action Steps

    Checklists, worksheets, downloadable resources linked to every question
    Focused coaching encourages immediate improvement
  • List steps image 6 Track Progress
    w/ Dashboards

    Celebrate successes and pinpoint opportunities for growth

Everyone benefits from TorchMetrics


+ Validate your strengths and break through personal obstacles

+ Communicate effectively to senior management


+ Give your employees ongoing presentation coaching

+ Coach using the TorchMetrics action steps and progress trends


+ Drive empower- ment and talent mobility in your employees

+ Create a self- directed learning environment

Executive Coaches

+ Improve your coaching success by using real-work feedback

+ Increase the value of your executive coaching package

Presentation Companies

+ Track the training results of your participants

+ Make your training an ongoing process, not an event