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How it works

The top 14% of effective leaders are also the top 10% of those who actively seek feedback. – Forbes Entrepreneurs

The obstacles to success in presenting

Lack of honest feedback

Responses like “You were good” or “Just be more confident” aren’t enough to advance you to where you need to go professionally in your presentations.

TorchMetrics asks your audience simple yet targeted questions. The results provide an honest evaluation of where you are succeeding and exactly where and how you can improve.

Not actively seeking insight

In a Forbes study of 51,896 leaders, those who ranked at the bottom 10% in actively asking for feedback were also rated at the bottom 15% in overall leadership effectiveness.

TorchMetrics makes it easy and non-threatening to get the feedback and action steps you need to excel in your presentations.

You will no longer be in the dark about your presentation strengths and growth opportunities

TorchMetrics quickly and easily lights your way to even more success using these 3 processes

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You deserve to know what people are clapping about

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Let us help you track improvement in the people you help to grow. Our partnership is a perfect complement with one-on-one training to enterprise-wide cultural engagement activities.

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