presentation training companies

PRESENTATION TRAINING COMPANIES Take your presentation training
outside the workshop

Give participants the ability to track successes and
get real-work feedback with a modern online tool

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Your presentation training gets results
- now you can track it.

real-time feedback response surveys

Offers “2” real-time
feedback response surveys

charts strengths and opportunities

Charts strengths
+ opportunities

track individual and group trends over time

Tracks individual +
group trends over time

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real work feedback

Offer this real-work feedback system to your participants.
They will love it!

  • Customize workshop experience
  • Easy to use
  • Increase long-term success

Make your training an ongoing process, not an event


    TorchMetrics focuses
    participants on areas where
    they need the most help


    More engaged
    participants in your
    presentation class


    Participants use
    TorchMetrics as a guide to
    continuously improve

become the client's presentation business partner

Become the client’s presentation business partner Imagine being able to...

Share the overall
presentation strength
and opportunity trends
of your participants.

Offer focused solutions to
increase enterprise-wide
presentation success.

Show metrics on how
much your participants
have improved.

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