Your presentation training gets
results. Now, you can track them.

Transform your training into an ongoing process, not an event

Use TorchMetrics for your clients

TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action areas, and tracks improvement over time.

Now organizations can track and monitor group trends to highlight successes of their presentation training programs.

TorchMetrics helps your participants

1) Participants can receive real-work presentation feedback prior to the training so they know their targeted areas to improve. This helps them start the workshop engaged and interested.

2) Participants get real-work feedback on top of the in-class feedback. This is crucial because those work audiences determine their careers.

3) Participants can refine their presentation skills over time with ongoing use of TorchMetrics. They can also gain the confidence they need to keep improving while they track their metrics.

Enhance & strengthen your training

+ Increase the value of your training to your customers using TorchMetrics’ technology

+ Gain insight into participants’ behaviors, pre-training and/or post-training

+ Spot progress and key opportunities for the group with the Company Dashboard

Offer focused solutions including custom training for enterprise-wide initiatives, using the Company Dashboard

+ Allow your trainers to get more intensively involved with the participants

How TorchMetrics works

  • List steps image 1 Choose Response Survey
  • List steps image 2 Send
  • List steps image 3 People Take Response Survey
  • List steps image 4 See
  • List steps image 5 Select Action Steps
  • List steps image 6 Track Progress w/ Dashboards